In business you can be too flexible. Even if everyone around you is asking you to be flexible, you still need some boundaries if you want to progress.

One of the wonderful things about having my own company is that I am constantly developing. I run into all kinds of new situations and challenges in business and off I go. I am constantly expanding into new areas of skill and expertise. Yay!

With all the emotions that go with that – excitement, worry, enjoyment, frustration, pride, relief,…

Know what I mean?  

Your own business changes you

Some of my truths about myself are changing too.

This year is all about boundaries.

I’ve always been called flexible and I was always really liked that. It made me feel good inside. I love to change, improve and adapt. Flexibility is part of that.

I suppose it’s a bit like Pavlov’s dog. Because I was used to being called flexible, I liked the positive feedback about my flexibility. The more often I was called flexible, the more I tried to be flexible. Woof.

But I’ve also come to realise that being flexible to others has to be balanced with self-care. Sometimes others use the word ‘flexibility’ to get you to do what they want you to do. So, YOU have to watch the balance for you.  

This has been my quest this year.


Balancing boundaries

I see a lot of women who find this balance tricky. We often feel that we need to be there for others. For clients, partners, friends, parents, children, the dog,…

But that can mean we let others decide our future.  

Which makes us feel frustrated or feel like giving up, when we don’t make the progress we want. Like it’s never going work anyway….

Boundaries mean progress.

As RuPaul might say, “Girl, we need to redefine how we look at ourselves.”

How much are we really helping others by always saying Yes and doing things for them?

Why don’t we set them a great example instead?