About Lynn Coleman

method for learning English for your business

Lynn with her little monster

Warm, analytical, creative, supportive, humorous word-and-business-nerd thrives on helping you get more results with English. I’ve developed a unique, personalised method for learning English for your business.

My expertise lies in ICT, business processes, Psychology and language learning. If I didn’t know any better, I’d wonder what kind of person knows all that!

So, I’ve combined all this expertise into a unique method for learning English for your business – Easier English. I’m constantly improving the quality of Easier English to get more results for my clients. It’s cool to support ambitious people who are growing their business. Feel free to challenge me – I love challenges!

UK in NL (since 1991), LAT, mother of teenagers

In my spare time, I’m into arts and crafts, travelling, cooking, walking, red wine, spirituality, Netflix (currently Blacklist)

Warning 1: takes humour very seriously

Warning 2: please don’t disturb before coffee

Overview of Lynn Coleman’s experience

Before Easier English, I worked as a manager (projects, programme, department, interim), consultant, lecturer, trainer, translator and programmer.  Oh and as a stand up comedian, light bulb packer and cleaner too. The perfect mix…

I’ve enjoyed improving the Business English for hundreds of good people. People like business owners, directors, freelancers, communications managers, sales and account managers,  HR managers and staff, consultants, trainers, communication staff, customer service staff, personal assistants, ICT staff, legal staff, engineers, accountants and accounting support, planners and nurses.

Learning about learning means constant improvement for you

I’m sure I’ve learnt just as much from them, as they have from me. And I translate all their questions and feedback back into more improvements for you. That’s how I keep improving my unique method for learning English for your business – Easier English.

How does Easier English work?

That depends on where you are. In the Netherlands I can come to your organisation for group courses. For business owners or with small groups outside the Netherlands, we work online.

Like to talk?

Have a question? Wondering just who or what the little monster is? Message me (or the monster) in the chat box.  I promise a real person will get back to you.

Or simply send me a message via the contact form.