Coach, healer or trainer with loads to give? Want to grow your business internationally? Let’s get you where you, the world and your clients need you to be.

it’s time to show up

Going global with your business is a big deal. In your confidence too.

I’m guessing you want:

  • to learn how to talk to your clients in a human, authentic, non-icky way
  • to feel confident speaking and writing to them (in English if that’s not your native language)
  • to find your own, unique voice and message
  • to know how to use tech to grow global quicker and easier (without endless hours talking to those scary helpdesk guys)
  • strategies, feedback and ideas
  • to be understood and taken seriously


get ready to be understood

Your first international webinar should be an amazing success (no fumbling for words or repeating yourself). You should be on fire, not red in the face. Imagine the kick when you connect to new clients like never before.

But if you don’t prepare properly, your chances of a red face skyrocket. There is literally nothing worse  than not being able to say what you want to and feeling people drift off and lose interest (Truth time, I’ve been there, I’ve fumbled in a lot of languages). It sucks. And the longer it lasts, the more you feel like giving up.

That’s why you need to go further than just English lessons, translation or copywriting. You need a combination of expertise, tech, care and accountability to get where you want to go. Global!

Frustrated knowing you have amazing talents and gifts to share, but can’t find the words you need?

That has to stop. Seriously. You need to take your space and make your life easier.

And I know just the thing you need…

10 years of research, 100s of clients

My system has been tested. Over and over. Every time a client gives me feedback, I adapt and improve. So, you get maximum results in minimum time. (I’m guessing you don’t have 10 years to work this all out for yourself, right?)

All my expertise in product development, psychology, language learning, copywriting, translation, teaching and ICT. Plus my life experience and spiritual know how. You get access to all of it.

And I’ll listen to you with my heart.

by the way

I take humour very seriously 😉 It helps you relax and see things differently. The perfect way to deal with any concerns you have about taking your next step.

I’ll never laugh at you though. Ever.

You are way too brave to not be taken seriously.

ready to take your space?

Find out how you can grow global here.