About Lynn Coleman

Hi! I’m Lynn Coleman, inventor of Easier English, the English support system for female entrepreneurs.

I support ambitious women, like you, in sharing your gifts with the world through English. The world is getting more and more complex and we need to listen to more women. The world needs our warmth, our ideas and our insights.

How we work together 

Step 1: When you start working with me, we start with your strategy for English, your E-Mix. Cut out the unnecessary and the average and go for what you need in your business. We’ll talk about style, your English and what YOU need to do.

Step 2: Then we move onto support for your site, sales pages, presentations, emails, lives, conversations and whatever you need to take your business further. We work in 3 month sprints to get your English to where it needs to be.

The basis for Easier English

My expertise lies in ICT, business processes, Psychology, language learning, translation and teaching. I’ve combined all this expertise into my unique method for improving English for your business – Easier English.

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their English, so now you can get maximum effect in minimum time.

Learning English can be tough. It can take you way out of your comfort zone. I listen with my heart to your experiences and where you want to go. Then we get to work improving your English and working on your materials. So you feel super confident and have everything you need in place. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

Facts and figures

I’m from the UK and live in the North of the Netherlands. I’ve also lived in Germany, Spain and the US.

I’m a mother of 2 teenagers (plus 2 bonus kids) and have had my own business since 2009.

In my spare time, I’m into arts and crafts, travelling, cooking, walking, red wine, spirituality, Netflix (currently Blacklist).

Where can I work with Easier English?

The good news is EVERYWHERE! We work using video calls and the Easier English online system.

If you’d like to arrange a group course, we can also work offline (in the Netherlands or Northern Germany).

Like to talk?

Have a question? Message me in the chat box.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Or send me a message via the contact form.