Who would have thought this?!

Can you believe we’d all get so fixated on toilet paper?

Of have such opinions about distance?

I’ve spent time listening to concerns and here are my 7 tips for crazy times. I hope you’ll find something here to support you.

one. connect with like-minded people

I’m recommending the Conscious Business Community on Facebook, run by Marian Nielsen-Joos. There are some beautiful things happening in there at the moment. If you’re interested in the meaning of what you do as an entrepreneur, check it out. It’s very useful and reassuring to connect with others right now.

two. focus on keeping calm

Feeling calm is also very important at the moment, as you are no doubt aware. Here’s something that could help: this Facebook group is singing, humming or chanting for 3 minutes a day. You might think that sounds weird, but humming has been proved to stimulate the vagus nerve and to quickly calm you down. Give it a try!  

three. focus on your inner leadership

Leontine Boxem is an experienced mentor for entrepreneurs and leaders, she’s offering a free training series to support you during crazy times. If this situation is making you feel powerless and less effective than you’d like to be, check the free training series out here.

four. learn from experienced homeschoolers

Berenice Goin-Zeiter has massive experience in homeschooling while travelling the world with her kids. She’s recorded a YouTube video with tips and there’s a Facebook group too if you’re looking for ideas for what to do with the kids (in English).

five. learn a new skill

When life gets a little dull sitting in the same place all the time, it’s the right time to branch out and discover something new. What skills do you need to update?

six. now is exactly the right time to step up your marketing

Social media training specially for online entrepreneurs

Find more information here.

seven. keep communicating with your clients

It’s essential to be visible now and to keep communicating with your clients. No one expects you to know everything, but be clear, positive, responsible and helpful. Now is exactly the time to be communicating and to become a beacon amongst all the nonsense and scaremongering.

covid19 notices

Need to send information to your clients about covid19 in English? Feel free to contact me if you need any texts (or translations into English). I’m happy to help you think through your message.

Normally I return short texts in 48 hours, but given the circumstances, I’ll do everything I can to get emails or press releases back to you within maximum 24 hours. I do translations from Dutch on a regular basis, I’m very happy to help you find translators from other languages.

working on my book and upgrading

I’m working on upgrading, on texts and English mentoring for clients and working on my book about going global with your online business in English . First draft is nearly ready 🙂

let’s talk

What do you think would work for you? Please comment below. Have any questions? I’ll be glad to support you. Contact me here.

Feel free to share any of the 7 tips for crazy times with others.