Going international with your business isn’t for the faint-hearted. It will challenge you in many different ways, but there are so many benefits too. In this blog you’ll read about some of the benefits that I’ve noticed and some that my clients tell me about.

Meet wonderful people

If you start working globally, you’ll meet more people doing the same. These are people who have overcome challenges and learned to think bigger than where they came from. Their experiences and successes are a great inspiration.

Support more clients and bring about more changes

If you go international with your business, you automatically increase the number of clients you can work with. Your reach increases, as the impact your can have grows. If you work in English means you have 1.5 billion potential clients. That’s the number of people worldwide who speak English as a first or second language. That’s a gobsmacking amount of people!

Learn about yourself

Going global also means that you’ll learn a lot about yourself. Your approach to life and business has been partly formed by where you grew up and cultural influences at home. Some of the ways you do things fit you perfectly, some not so much. Seeing how others do things and think and feel about what they do, is a wonderful mirror. You’ll go on a voyage of self-discovery.

I call this growing global.

Get a broader perspective on life

We often think that the way we do things is normal, because that’s what we see around us. If that’s never challenged, we can become complacent or start judging others who do things differently. Working internationally means that we can’t afford to think that we are normal and others aren’t. And that means that our ideas about life and business grow.

Do exactly what you want to do

Tapping into a larger potential market, means that you can have more clients. This also means you can afford to narrow down your niche to do exactly what you want to do. Work with exactly the people you want to work with!

Spread your business risks 

By working with people in different countries, you can spread some of your business risks. Imagine that the economy in your own country isn’t going so well, broadening the countries you work in can reduce your risk of less revenue in your own country. (This doesn’t mean you don’t run any risk by going international, I’ll talk about that another time).

Once you’ve gone international, there’s no going back

Remember black and white tv? Dial phones stuck on the wall? Cassette tapes? Well, there’s an alternative to sticking to good old…

Is going international the next step in your business?