What others say

Evelyn, marketing and sales, followed a group course in 2018-19:

This is a five star course. I like the grammar overview documents and that you added music and funny stuff to the course. 

Sandra, business owner, followed an online English training with me in 2018.

I found it an instructive course and it was well set up. Lynn is very helpful and clear. She has a good sense of humour and that’s working for me. I found the combination of learning in the online environment with the live classes great. I know now more about grammar and I have more confidence to speak.

Remco, project manager, followed an individual English training with me in 2018.

I enjoyed how you teach, it was focussed on what I needed. I’ve learned that others don’t always speak perfect English, so I don’t need to feel unsure.  

Corrie, personal assistant, followed a training with me in 2017.

I asked which exercise she liked the best and why. Almost all of them, 10 times more fun than at secondary school! And more practical. 

Liane, consultant, followed a group training with me in 2016.

Lynn is a perfect trainer for the English language. Her way of training is really made to measure, fitting what I needed and she finds out what you need to improve incredibly quickly. She adapts her exercises to these points, so if there are any differences in the group, you still keep learning at your own level. It’s very personal. Exactly like Lynn, who is a warm, personal, kind person with a love of the English language and of what she does.