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Be aware that I may benefit if you use the links below, either in a small amount of money or extra services. Just wanted to be transparent about that.


Webcam: I use a Logitech C922 and am very happy with it. The sound and image quality are much better than the webcam on my HP laptop and I love the inbuilt lighting, which makes life a lot easier (bye bye spooky recordings). I can’t find it in stock at the moment, this might be a very good alternative (with the same features)

I also hear good reports about this one, the Logitech C920. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up at the moment, but if you need a webcam now, this might be useful to you.

The Blue Yeti microphone is the industry standard good choice. If you think this may be the start of your podcasting career or you want to do some more serious broadcasting, think about investing in this.

My green screen, oh my lovely green screen. I have such fun with it, creating backgrounds. It’s one way you can go on holiday or to a party now.

I decided it was tulip time during this session with Aiga Akmentina, Bénédicte Levassort and Diana Vallescar

I have hardly ever been so happy about something I bought than this. Here’s the one I  bought.

reuse is king

Reuse is a gamechanger when you start working online. Try to think how you can reuse things, every time you do something online. It will save you time in the long run and can bring you new opportunities. The Zoom 101 webinar is an example. I recorded it once and now people keep asking me for it. 😊


One of the ways you can reuse Zoom meetings or webinars is by using transcripts. It’s a bit like taking minutes at a meeting (which is also easier to do using Zoom by the way).

The best quality transcripts are done by a person. This does take a lot of time though, so it’s also the more expensive option. Check out this site if this is what you are looking for (English). The charges are per minute, so you know them in advance.

Automated transcripts are much cheaper than manual ones, but you will need to check them to make sure that they are correct. I use Otter, which gives you a number of free minutes per month (in English). Check it out here. And if you like Otter, share your own referral link with others, for more free minutes per month for you.

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